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We are a behavioral health agency based in Baltimore, Maryland providing Inspiration & Empowerment to Change Lives

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Scope of Practice

The scope of practice at Inspiring & Empowering Change, LLC includes providing clients with optimal treatment at all times while treating clients with respect and dignity. Additionally, identifying and applying treatment modalities that are conducive to clients needs. At Inspiring & Empowering Change, we provide client center advocacy as identified by the clinician or client.

Clients will receive appropriate community base referrals based on identified needs through an ongoing clinical assessment. The clinician will work collaboratively with the client to establish therapeutic goals. The clinician will provide ongoing interventions to assist with managing symptoms of presenting concern that motivated client to initiate treatment.

I&E Change Office
Contact Information

Address: 5209 York Road Suite M20B
Mailbox A13 Baltimore, MD 21212

Please feel free to contact us for more information and we will respond within 24-48 hours.

Office: (410) 693 - 2609
Fax: (410) 510 - 1962
Email: contact@iandechange.com

Guiding Principles

⊗ Providing a comfortable, safe, and therapeutic environment while providing quality services.

⊗ Incorporating a team approach while working with families, children, adults, and providers to ensure everyone’s needs are being met.

⊗ Assisting others with identifying the first step to change, which is awareness and offering clinical interventions to assist with change.

⊗ Providing insight, education and knowledge to assist others with gaining a more comprehensive understanding of self while providing techniques to enhance emotional stability.

⊗ Understanding, applying and recognizing the importance of client centered treatment.